Understand & Optimize Your Campaigns in Real Time

Our AB Testing, Inbox Checker and Reporting features help you create better campaigns by understanding how subscribers interact with your emails.


Track. Report. Improve.

Know where your successes are by tracking opens, links clicked and customer activity in real time. See which emails bounced and how you can improve future campaigns.

Openers & Clickers World Map
See where your message gets the best engagement with geographic insights.

Clickers Engagement Map
Discover what interests your readers and which links, buttons and images drive the most action.

Email Platforms & Devices
See your recipients' most used email platforms and devices to optimize your campaigns.

Live, Accessible Data

  • Email Open Reporting

    You've created and sent the perfect email campaign, but how many people opened it and when? Mail Marketer tells you this and more.

    From the statistics tab you can see exactly who opened your email and when. View the data as a visually appealing bar chart or as a data table with more detail.

    You can view the open rate report for the last 7 days, last 30 days, last year or even a custom date range.

  • Link Click Tracking

    See which links were clicked, by who and when. Your sales team can follow up with leads who've shown interest in your products by clicking a link in your email.

    Talk about making contact at the right time!

  • Email Bounce Tracking

    Bounces are handled for you automatically and you can view reports showing which email addresses bounced, when and why,

    with an exact error message from the email provider, such as "Email address doesn't exist".

  • Unsubscribe Reporting

    See unsubscribe statistics for each email campaign you send, either for a specific date or over time.

    You can view the details of everyone who unsubscribed and see the unsubscribe rate relative to open and bounce rates.

  • Google Analytics Integration

    As you're sending an email campaign you can type in your Google Analytics details and a tracking code will be added to all links in your email,

    giving you full integration for number of visits, goals and e-commerce conversions for that campaign.

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