500 Error While Saving / Uploading Email Template

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When you try to save or upload an Email Template, sometime you get “500 error”. Although this happens very rarely but there is some reason behind it:

  • You are getting 500 error while saving the email template because it might happen that the template is not compatible with Constant Campaigns system.
  • The compatibility issue can be any line of HTML code, CSS or formatting of a template which has not been done properly.
  • Other issue might happen that your email template is too big to save inside Constant Campaigns.

Majority of this issue happen because of incompatibility of email template. Constant Campaigns template management system do not allow saving of broken email template codes, templates having CSS issues and other coding issues which may impact email delivery.

How to resolve this 500 error while saving template:

To resolve these issues you should consider following, which will help you to save error-free template inside Constant Campaigns:

  1. Build your email template using Constant Campaigns Email Designer, then there will be no chance of getting 500 error.
  2. You should test your template on Litmusor Emails on Acid and check if your email template is fully compatible or not and when it is properly checked then you can upload the email template inside Constant Campaigns.
  3. Incase above solutions doesn’t work, there may an issue with your web browser, try updating email template from different web browser.


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