How to remove “Email sent through Constant Campaigns” from emails?

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Email sent through Constant Campaigns” is the link, which automatically adds to all emails sent through free version of Constant Campaigns account.

In order to remove this, you need to upgrade to paid account of Constant Campaigns, which starts at $19 only. Check the complete Constant Campaigns Prices.

Under Constant Campaigns free account, you get to use most of the features of paid account. Under free Constant Campaigns account features include, ability to add up to 2000 email subscribers in all email list, send total of 30,000 emails per month, 2 email delivery servers and up to 5 emails per second email sending speed.

Restrictions under Constant Campaigns Free account:

  • Under Free Plan, you would not be able to delete email subscribers and email list once added. We needed to take this step, to prevent misuse of Constant Campaigns application by email spammers. Under paid account, you can easily delete and update email subscribers and lists.
  • Ability to add custom tracking domain is not available under Constant Campaigns free account.
  • All outgoing emails from Constant Campaigns free account have “Email sent through Constant Campaigns” in email footer, paid account does not have this tagline at footer of the email.


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