Constant Campaigns for Ecommerce

How does Constant Campaigns turbocharge the power of ecommerce? Your ecommerce store is the perfect tool for building a profitable email marketing list while you sell. And email marketing is the perfect tool for maximizing customer lifetime value (CLV). Combined, they open up a world of opportunities for upselling, cross-selling, niche selling, add-on sales, and repeat sales.

Capture new leads.

Turn casual website visitors into raving fans.

  • Prepare a package of discounts and seasonal offers that the buyers can’t get in stores.
  • Create spectacular landing pages with product descriptions and vibrant customer stories.
  • Send automatic updates about new arrivals and alerts when the product is out of stock.
  • Use forms to invite your visitors to subscribe to seasonal promotions, industry events, and webinars.

Grow audiences, increase loyalty and drive your business with our customer engagement platform.

Ecommerce | Constant Campaigns

Show your loyal customers some love

Keep talking with your customers and entice them back.

Build loyalty programs, retention strategies and refer-a-friend policies to win your customers’ hearts and minds.

Publish your landing page and offers on Facebook and watch how the number of fans grows.

Create online surveys to solicit feedback about your customer support team, delivery services, or the quality of your products.

Measure results to maximize sales.

Are your fingers on the pulse of your ecommerce business?

  • Use A/B testing to identify designs your customers love to open, click, and buy from.
  • Preview at-a-glance charts showing opens, clicks, and conversions and get detailed reports emailed to you automatically.
  • Find out which ecommerce prices and CTAs generate the highest conversion.
Ecommerce | Constant Campaigns

Add the power of Constant Campaigns to any ecommerce store.

Your ecommerce customers will love the incredible campaigns you create using Constant Campaigns.
Find out how Constant Campaigns can drive sales in your online store.

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