Constant Campaigns for Growth Hackers

At Constant Campaigns, we understand that growth hackers differ substantially from traditional marketers. Instead of implementing marketing plans and managing worldwide teams, their focus is narrowed to developing early strategies for startups. That’s why every decision of a growth hacker is driven by an obsessive willingness to grow. To achieve your goal, you need a full plate of intelligent tools and a large serving of smart techniques, all flavored with a pinch of cleverness.

Focus on growing your contact list.

Start by narrowing your strategy to a single goal that will stimulate growth.

  • Collect email addresses everywhere using built-in tools: from customized forms on landing pages and Facebook to online surveys and mobile apps.
  • Attract attention with humorous exit popups, scroll forms and shake boxes to turn visitors into eager followers.
  • Import contacts via API integrations from digital phonebooks, social websites, and emails to introduce your product to your networks.

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Growth Hackers | Constant Campaigns

Bring new visitors to your website.

Optimize your customer lifetime value (CLV) and choose tactics to turn casual visitors into loyal fans.

Use web forms on landing pages to build lists through contests and quizzes, incentive offers for signups, and content downloads.

Organize webinars with exclusive content and limited seating to maximize interactions and participation.

Engage socially by distributing valuable content via email and asking contacts to share it on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

Distribute video presentations in your drip campaigns or add them to your email signature.

Distribute blog posts with RSS to email to educate your audience, become a thought leader, and build traffic.

Generate unique discount codes with time limits to maximize engagement and subscribe rates.

Continually test and Experiment.

Cultivate an urge to try something new, optimize your experiment, and don’t be afraid to take risks.

  • Use A/B testing to learn which subject line or CTA generates more opens and clicks.
  • Segment subscribers into groups by demographics and test to find out how they behave differently.
  • Use your growth-hacking sensibility to experiment with different content and images and display products that are relevant to your segment.
  • Direct prospects and clients to different landing pages and send them unique offers and personalized discount codes.
Growth Hackers | Constant Campaigns

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