Constant Campaigns for Online Coaches

Think most email marketing practices won’t work for coaching professionals? We know that your business is about selling high-value services and building relationships, not promoting products. So if you’re looking for resources to skyrocket your coaching practice, check out GetResponse, with all the communication tools you need to create a vibrant coaching business that delivers results.

Capture more and more followers.

Use online tools to interact with prospects that are ideal for your business and explore new ways to grow your list of contacts.

  • Create a search-friendly online directory of your newsletters to attract and educate prospects.
  • Send automatic reminders for webinars and teaser classes, including downloadable outlines and handouts.
  • Run online courses and administer scored tests by email to find out how well your clients absorb your lessons.
  • Move clients from one training module or content campaign, into another automatically, based on their growing proficiency or changing preferences.
  • Build custom communication flows based on what content your contacts click, view or download.

Grow audiences, increase loyalty and drive your business with our customer engagement platform.

Online Coaches | Constant Campaigns

Offer your best content.

In addition to one-to-one access, provide your clients with in-depth, tailored content delivered by email on autopilot.

Offer unique whitepapers, reports and guides exclusively for your contacts.

Send more than just text: videos from your lectures or image collections from conferences.

Create automatic alerts with new publications, upcoming events, and industry news.

Share frequent lists of the most popular articles, blog posts and downloaded resources.

View campaign performance on at-a-glance charts and use A/B tests to find out what makes contacts click.

Raise the bar in the business.

Exceed your goals and use clever tactics to quickly turn your prospects into loyal customers.

  • Spread the word online — announce your upcoming newsletters on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn with just one click.
  • Create gated content and offer it as paid a course delivered via email over time.
  • Get yourself in front of your virtual audience, but first let them quickly subscribe to your webinars.
  • Adapt to your worldwide customers and send them drip content at the same local time automatically.
Online Coaches | Constant Campaigns

Add the power of Constant Campaigns to your Online Coaches.

Your customers will love the incredible campaigns you create using Constant Campaigns.
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